About Us

Hi there! I’m Elsa, the founder of Bird’s Nest Baby. Our company was born shortly after my daughter, Wren. Are you sensing a bird theme here? When I’m not working on all things Bird’s Nest (and even when I am) you can find me spending every moment with baby Wren. We also have at least one (of two) cats curled up with us at any given moment. They’re our pasta boys, Fusilli and Rigatoni. 

When Wren was two months old, the newborn adrenaline started to wear off, leaving me to feel my postpartum depression. She was born at 35 weeks and spent 4 nights in the NICU due to respiratory distress and jaundice. We got lucky with a very short NICU stay –  my heart goes out to all of you who have ever faced this. Those first couple of months were intense to say the least. You know how once you allow yourself to feel that situation, it can get really hard to see clearly? That’s kinda what it felt like after the two month mark. I started looking for little things to add to my day to spark joy. It turned out that that meant shopping for Wren and imagining her in all of the cute clothes. I don’t know how or why it helped, I just know I started to get excited for all her size ups, the memories we would make in them, and just deciding what she would wear to snuggle with me all day long when she would finally be able to. My first baby clothes purchase was actually made from her bedside in the NICU! There were two things stopping the clothes I found from being perfect. 

  1. Something didn’t feel right about rayon from bamboo &
  2. I wasn’t finding the prints I really wanted. 

And just like that, Bird’s Nest Baby was born. Once I get an idea and go down the rabbit hole of thinking I can do it, it’s pretty hard to get me to stop. So once I thought of it, I was determined to make it a reality. A bunch of late-night  internet searches and research while feeding later, here we are! 

So a little bit about me! I grew up loving animals. It sounds cheesy I know, but they really were my whole world. My family opened a pet store when I was younger, and I practically grew up in it. I’m an only child and would always refer to our cats and  dogs as my siblings. It started off as a joke, but it really wasn’t. Inside and outside of work, the pets run the show! From going to trade shows (which are my FAVE, if you know you know) to creating relationships with customers and their families for almost two decades to really, just getting to pet a bunch of dogs all day, I love it. Some of my most special memories are around the store, like getting to bring home the rescue dogs that weren’t adopted for Christmas. You will definitely see the animal influence in our designs, you already can with our Howdy Do-Dogs print! People’s pets are their four legged babies, I am honored to be trusted with them and included in so many people’s lives in this special way. I hope to spread this joy and cultivate relationships with you and your families as well!

Another major component of my life has always been food. If I didn’t end up here, I would’ve definitely tried to become a food writer. The shared joy and love that food brings transcends bounds. It is a coming together that is so needed in these dark times. We went with something cozy & comforting for our first print, Crunch & Crumbles. 

In the future (by Christmas) we will be including a line of matching parents clothing, going up to 6x. I’m passionate about size inclusivity: it is a necessity, not a choice. Over the past few years, I have been a Certified Personal Trainer, spin instructor, and Postnatal Fitness Specialist, which taught me to live by HAES, or Health At Every Size®. Size inclusivity will always be a principle of Bird’s Nest Baby. 

Another thing about us – over here, we won’t be categorizing things into boy and girl sections. They’re children’s clothes: they’re cute the way they are and do not need to fit in those boxes. Dress your little in what you are comfortable with and what they are comfortable in. We’re going to be leaning into colorful prints, because kids' clothes are supposed to be fun! But we will also have some beige-y things mixed in for balance. I want to maintain the passion that my mom instilled in me with their business: customer relationships, so if you ever have a print or style suggestion, PLEASE reach out. We would love to hear from our community. 

I designed these items to last. They’re meant for your babe, any future littles you may have, to be given to a new family after use, or turned into something totally new! We want to keep these babies in circulation and extend their life. 

Thank you for coming along on this journey with me. I see all of your names come in, and it truly warms my heart. If you’d like to stay even more connected, we have a Facebook group, Bird’s Nest Baby Insiders. You’ll get the inside scoop and some extra goodies along the way. I hope to build a community with you, please feel free to email us any time. 


With so much gratitude,