Care Instructions

To keep your Bird's Nest Baby in great shape, we recommend machine washing cold, inside out and zippered. For drying, we recommend tumble drying on low heat, or air drying. We do not recommended using fabric softener or bleach. 

TENCEL™ Lyocell is a generally low maintenance, durable fabric! We recommend washing your items zipped to minimize risk of them snagging on anything (agitators can do this too), and inside out to preserve their vibrancy for the longest time. We designed these pieces to last your little one as long as possible, and to hopefully be passed down to another kiddo. Like all clothing, air drying is better for the garments. That is not to say you can't dry on low heat, I personally do most of the time because I forgot to put in the laundry early enough! Whatever the reason, do what works for your family!